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About  the Forge

We love America and consider ourselves true patriots. But it's obvious that the American dream has turned into a fever nightmare. The .1% now run the country by owning those who hold political power. Housing costs are out of control. Pharma companies have created millions of addicts with little accountability. Most humans have lost their ability to behave in public. And social media is turning us all into conspiracy theorists. Bottom line — America is fucked.

We don't give a shit about your political party because we understand that the two-party system has failed us. It doesn't address the many policies that the vast majority of Americans agree on. Instead, it pits us against each other to misdirect us from the 21st century robber barons that fleece us on a daily basis. (We'd like to qualify that, at this time, there are no serious 3rd party candidates that would do anthing other than flip an election to one of the current parties.)

So we're here to create fun designs that address the absurdity of what's happening in this country. Consider yourself a disaster tourist and The Patriot Forge your gift shop. We also recommend you try out some of our favorite breakfast sandwiches at a diner near you. There's something about a sandwich with bacon that makes any apocalypse more palatable.

As always, we're always open to addressing any new design topics. If you'd like to give us an idea, click on the button below.

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